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College Advising High School Seminars


The Enrichment Center offers an exciting program where you can get all the help you need in preparing for college. You can start as early as the 8th grade, or we can accept students in any grade through 12th.

We know that not everyone needs the same guidance in selecting and preparing for college application -- it's a very personal process. We'll help you find the package that’s right for you.  You may also choose to take advantage of personalized one-on-one advising at $150 per hour.

All Packages Include:

  • Intake interview

  • Resource binder

  • 6 sessions per year with a private counselor

  • Registration fee

Costs are payable each year
Rates apply to each child being registered
Fees are payable each September
Pay for 3 or more years and receive a 10% discount on the package

Package Cost  
Silver $1300 Includes a 5% discount applied to any services at The Enrichment Center.
Gold $1600 Includes your choice of any 12-hour class, plus a 10% discount applied to any additional services at The Enrichment Center.
Platinum $2100 Includes 12 hours of private tutoring, plus a 15% discount applied to any additional services at The Enrichment Center.


Topics covered in private sessions with counselor include:

  • What to take in school

  • Goals and expectations

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Importance of grades

  • Motivation

  • Application essay

  • Private, Parochial or Public School

  • What is the PSAT, Sat I, SAT II, AP, ACT, etc?

  • Scholarships

  • Athletics

  • How do I create a shining star?

  • Volunteer activities

  • Summer activities:  Work experience, fun, school?

  • School choices!

We can also help with scholarship searches and financial package advice.

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Beyond Good Grades: The Inside Scoop on the College Admissions Process


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