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Course Descriptions

Grades 1-5

Grades 1-5 Schedule Fall 2004
Grades 1-5 Schedule Winter 2005
Grades 1-5 Schedule Spring 2005

Grades & Courses Overview

Ancient Rome & Greece
Study the gods, goddesses, mythology and architecture.

Basic Math
Review and strengthen grade-appropriate math skills.

Be Logical
Win your arguments while learning the basics of argumentation and debate.

An introduction to the scientific method of inquiry using plants as the basis for all experiments and exploration.

Boys Only Reading
Using mysteries and science fiction, this class will help the reluctant reader get excited about reading.

Chemistry for Fun
Using real chemistry experiments, find out what this subject is all about.

Digging for Dinosaurs
Archaeology and dinosaurs combine to satisfy the most inquiring mind.

Explore Ancient Egypt: pyramids, mummies and the riddle of the Sphinx.

Every Day Math
This class reinforces the curriculum of the Chicago Math Program

An introduction to languages through games, songs, drama, drawing and play.

Games of Strategy
Develop advanced multi-step thinking skills, by playing games such as Chess and Battleship.

Learn about the earth’s crust and layers.

Girls Only Math
Allow girls to become more confident in their math abilities in this class featuring problem solving, games and basic grade level review.

How Things Work
Students will have the opportunity to examine the inner workings of objects that interest them. Science, technology and inventions will be discussed.

Incredible Insects
What is an insect and how do they help humans?

Journey into Space
Learn about constellations, planets and the structure of outer space.

Knights and Castles
Study knights, castles, and various countries.

Law on TV
We will discuss the Fifth Amendment, forensics and more to analyze what we see and hear about the law on television—how does it differ from the real thing?

Legos & Robots
Learn about robots through building with Legos.

Delve into this fascinating and alluring time period with hands-on activities.

Motion, Magnets & Machines
Explore the concepts of magnets, motion and simple machines.

The Myths teach us much about life and how to expand our literature horizons.

Our Neighbors
Canada and Mexico are explored during this creative class.

Review and strengthen phonics concepts.

Physics for Fun
Using real physics experiments, find out what this subject is all about.

Pirates, Ships, and Treasures
Learn about pirates, the ships they sailed, and the treasures they were after.

Public Speaking
Learn the techniques needed to be comfortable speaking in front of a class.

Reading Comprehension
Improve reading comprehension skills and get excited about reading.

Rocks & Minerals
Learn about rocks and minerals.

Science Sleuth
Make observations, collect data and draw models, like real scientists do.

An introduction to languages through games, songs, drama, drawing and play.

Test Taking Skills/Study Skills
Learn about and understand how to take standardized tests. Learn strategies for succeeding in the classroom: how to take notes, how to listen effectively and how to plan ahead for long-term projects. 

Wacky Weather
Learn about various types of weather and how climate affects our world.

Writing Skills
Work on writing skills covering letter formation, the word, sentence and paragraph. Strengthen spelling, grammar and sentence structure skills.

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