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Gifted Grades K-8

Gifted K-8 Schedule Fall 2004
Gifted K-8 Schedule Winter 2005
Gifted K-8 Schedule Spring 2005

Gifted Program Overview
Grades & Courses Overview

Learn the ideas behind electricity and how we use it in our everyday lives.  

Gifted Math
Our math curriculum will challenge even the best math student. Learn how math is used in ways you never expected.

Gifted Reading
This challenging class is run as a book discussion group where every student must participate. We will cover advanced material which will not duplicate the student's school curriculum. 

History of Forensics
Who did what to whom? Why? When? How? Where? Did we catch the crook? Did we catch the right person? What were the punishments? Explore the fascinating field of forensics as we study the developmental process of crime investigation.

How Things Work
Students will have the opportunity to examine the inner workings of objects that interest them. Science, technology and inventions will be discussed.

Learn about what goes on in a courtroom. We’ll study forensics and research, and about the roles of lawyers, judges and clients.

Medieval Times
Minstrels, The Plague, Feasts and more will be covered. Learn what the times were really like during The Middle Ages. Students will build a castle.

Middle School SAT Preparation
Students will be prepared for the SAT for Johns Hopkins or to take any qualifying test for high school admissions. The verbal class will concentrate on vocabulary, thinking skills and reading skills. The math will cover basic Algebra I and Geometry, which are included on the tests. Test taking strategies will be discussed.

Using the Scientific Method of Inquiry, students will explore different areas of science, with topics selected from the following: Volcanoes, the Galaxy, Architecture and How Stuff Works.

Stock Market
Make a sample portfolio and learn to understand what the stock market is and the role it plays in today's world.

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