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Press Release  


Enrichment Center Suggests that Parents Trust Themselves 

The Enrichment Center, located at 424 Central Avenue in Westfield, is offering some basic advice to parents.  Trust your own instincts when it comes to your children.  Too often parents defer to the advice of others when it comes to the education of their children.  Parents do know their own children.  If you feel that something is amiss or that your child is not performing to grade level, seek help. If you feel that your child is advanced but is not performing to ability, seek help.  I f you think that your child’s needs are not being met, seek help.  Parents know their children.  They know when they are ill and they know when they need more educationally.

The Enrichment Center can help. The staff of over 85 state certified and experienced teachers is available to offer help.  Mrs. Elaine Sigal, owner and director of The Enrichment Center, says, “Parents often come to us to help solve the problems that they see with their children in school.  In today’s economy it is impossible for any school to meet the needs of every child.  We offer classes for the child who needs remediation, for the child who needs more accelerated work, and for the child who just doesn’t do the work.  Our students range in ages from 4 –19.”  Many parents want their children tested but prefer if the school district doesn’t do the testing.  The Enrichment Center also offers educational testing to determine learning difficulties, reading difficulties and math difficulties.  The results are only given to the parents with suggestions for improving the situation.

The classes and private tutoring offered by The Enrichment Center are offered only by state certified teachers.  “Beware of the use of the word Certified,” says Mrs. Sigal. “The semantics involved are interesting.  A person can be certified with a three-hour training class.  Always be sure to ask of any tutor if he/she is state certified.  That is the only way to be sure that you are getting a professional teacher who has been trained to meet the needs of your child.” The Enrichment Center added hours to its schedule this fall to accommodate the growing number of students whose parents requested help.  The Enrichment Center is unique in that short-term tutoring is available.  Mrs. Sigal states, “It is difficult to tell how many hours it will take a child to master a skill.  Each child is different.   My program offers tremendous flexibility to allow for individual differences.  I don’t know of many other programs that can offer the same flexibility.”

Students can bolster reading, writing and math skills or study about pirates and knights, these subjects being just a few offered.  Some of The Enrichment Center’s students choose to start studying foreign languages and science at a young age.  The large number of students attending The Enrichment Center for PSAT, SAT I, and SAT II training attests to the fact that the program works.  They have a high success rate in preparing students for standardized tests.  A new Gifted and Talented Division has been added based on the needs of students and requests from parents.

Mrs. Sigal is always available to discuss the needs of any child with a parent.  Please call The Enrichment Center to set up your personal time for a free evaluation of your child’s needs.  Call (908) 654-0110 today. Trust yourself as a parent to know if you child needs more!  www.theenrichmentcenter.net

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