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Test Prep

PSAT and SAT I Test Prep
SAT II Test Prep
Entrance Exams

Elementary Grades
PSAT - Freshmen and Sophomores
PSAT/SAT I - Juniors

SAT I - Seniors
SAT II - All grade levels

College Board's PSAT/SAT I/SAT II Test Schedule for the 2004/5 school year

PSAT and SAT I Test Prep

Our popular and effective SAT preparation classes offer maximum flexibility in individualized instruction and in class scheduling.

Many of our students begin SAT preparation in tenth grade, but we have on-going sessions tailored by grade and ability - as early as seventh grade and as late as twelfth grade. No one can predict how many sessions it will take to become confident about taking this essential test. Our on-going classes allow students to tailor the duration of the program. Just as practice improves skills in sports, music and drama, our results show that students who practice our techniques and strategies improve their scores.

The Enrichment Center recognizes that children are unique in their needs and learning styles. With classes of four to eight students, teachers are able to respond to each child’s particular needs.

Students may prepare in group sessions or privately. Students who prepare at The Enrichment Center have had their scores go up over 200 points; some students even exceed this.

While most students benefit from instruction in both the math and the verbal areas, some students choose to concentrate on just verbal or math.

Students pay as they attend so as not to burden parents financially. College Board materials are used so that the students are learning and practicing with the real thing. The Enrichment Center has a high success rate.

Flexibility in scheduling is crucial for teenagers. Three-hour classes are difficult to squeeze into a schedule filled with commitments to school, extra-curricular activities, and jobs. Our classes are each one-hour in length and are easily scheduled to fit into busy lives.

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SAT II Test Prep

The Enrichment Center encourages students to take the SAT II in June of the year they take the course. For example: Biology in freshman year, chemistry and history in sophomore year, etc.

The Enrichment Center offers SAT II preparation for the writing, math Ic and IIc, physics, chemistry, biology, languages, American history, world history, and English tests.

We offer both private tutoring and small group instruction.

Entrance Exams

The Enrichment Center can help students prepare for admissions tests to private and parochial schools.

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