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Private Tutoring  

There are times in all of our lives when we need extra help to aid us in achieving our goals. The Enrichment Center offers tutoring in all subjects, in all grades, and at all levels, including honors and AP classes at the high school level. Teachers will use the student's text as well as supplemental materials.

Our staff can accommodate your needs, whether they are long term or short term. While we will prepare our students to the best of our ability, there can be no guarantees about achieving a certain grade level or score. The results are based on the student's willingness and ability to achieve.

SOS (Student Over-all Support)

The Enrichment Center offers a unique program entitled SOS - Student Over-all Support. This form of private tutoring includes: study skills, organizational skills, homework help, confidence building, time management skills, test taking stills, math skills, and writing skills. This complete academic support system can benefit the gifted student, the student with ADD/ADHD, the student who needs remediation, or the student who is just not working up to potential.

This program is available to students in all grades. The purpose of this course is to eliminate parent-student schoolwork conflict. It enables the parent to return to parenting and not be a schoolteacher on the side.

All private tutoring can be set up at the convenience of the student and parent.

Recommended Reading: Questions to Ask Tutors

As the parent of a child with learning or attention problems, you've probably becoe an expert at motivating, organizing, guiding, back-patting, and just generally being available to help your child manage the daily challenges of school and life. Kids with learning and attention issues often need repeated instruction and extra practice - beyond what school and a reasonable amount of homework time can provide - to master academic content and skills. Read the complete article




starts Sept 18




Winter/Spring schedules now available



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Beyond Good Grades: The Inside Scoop on the College Admissions Process


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