Six Reasons Why a Lot of People Decide Not to Get Higher Education Nowadays

In the past schooling in higher education institutions was a big thing. People would respect you for the feeling that you are climbing a revered academic ladder. You were the go-to person and the most respected among peers if you even associated with a higher education institution. Surprisingly, many people have broken this cord by achieving success without having to learn to write essays. New ideologies have risen as to why it is not worth it attending college or university to be educated. Some make sense. Below are the six reasons why many people decide not to get higher education today:

 Some People Do Not Know They Wish to Study

 Some people have gone through the system, through to high school and still an idea of what they want to do with life today. These people have lived their lives not enlightened about the importance of going to a higher institution of learning and advancing their education.

Would you blame them? I do not think so. They look around and realize that some people have made it without having to go to class and they pull farther away from the concept of higher education. They do not see the reason why they should spend their money on university or college tuition fees. Even so, what will they be paying for?

 Higher Education Is a Waste of Money

 The money challenges that face people when they wish to join college is the undoing. Today, people feel there is no job guarantee even after graduation. They would instead put the money into something else rather than invest in a higher education program. If they do not have that money, they will need to raise some way, and that would mean some years out of that class.

Some people may feel life is not waiting for them; the little they can save will then be used to set up a business and put their lives in order. In other words, they have saved money they could have put into education on something they feel can work for them.

 They Have Reached Their Peak in Education

Some people have gotten enough of an education that they cannot tolerate the face of a classroom. They have done it all in their kindergartens and high school and are full of information to set them up for life. To them, a life of work is their next big plan.

Going to work, every morning makes them happy. Learning on the job makes it even more enjoyable. They have set out their plan for good. Start working in a nearby restaurant, learn the business, the recipe, and come up with a special recipe, open their restaurant and life without college just got better.

 College Is a Waste of Time

Three or more years in college and less a year or job seeking is the biggest challenge to many today. People have invested their tuition fees and time on social sciences and forgotten of the technical expertise making it an untapped job market.

To join some institutions today, one begins from apprenticeship. Many people feel why not get the experience first if it does not work then making it more professional through higher education can count. Many jobs require a college or university certification; still, some jobs require their know-how on the way some technical things like plumbing, landscaping, mowing and swimming pool maintenance are done.

There Are Other Things to Achieve

Higher education institutions have churned out graduate professionals to multiple industries and strained the job market. To some people, this is their greatest fear. Why should they go to college and still come back and fight for the same jobs non-graduates are doing?

Why should they go to college and have to fight to be accepted to an organization for an entry-level position? Their list goes on and on and they have tried to prove that they have better things to do rather than engage in higher education. Besides no lessons, no loans, no losses, just a life where they can survive and live it day by day.

Higher Education Keeps You Dependent

College is an expensive expedition. Not only will the parents pay for your tuition, but college will also somewhat keep you dependent on your parents or a guardian even when you do not want to. One remembers they have to go on a trip; therefore, they have to call home and have a boost on their stipend. For how long will they do what they do not admire? If there is a way they can skip the dependence card, they feel they should take and start doing things on their own.


In conclusion, it is evident that some people have reasons not to get higher education today. Their reasons seem valid to them but are their reasons sustainable? Do you think it is better to have that higher education certification sticking around than have nothing at all? If so, then the choice is easy it is a yes and sacrifice time and money or a no and compromise to starting a life with the little tuition fee savings.






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