Participating In Maryland Transfer Advantage Program


The Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP) is structured to guarantee that CSM scholars are well prepared for smooth transfer to University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) and that they will not fail when they get there. MTAP is so helpful to students that want to do all their college education in the State of Maryland. Scholars apply for MTAP either as a new student entering CSM or as continuing scholars at CSM. When accepted, a scholar attends classes at CSM waiting for transfer to UMCP. On completion of the program, students apply to transfer students to UMCP. Successfully MTAP students who have completed the program are assured for enrolment to the Maryland University of College Park (Improving University Teaching).

I study in a college partnered with Maryland University and I am interested in participating in MTAP. My current GPA is 3.5, so I meet the minimum threshold GPA of 3.0. I can plan for a transfer while still at my college to Maryland University at college park. The process of transferring is very simple as it includes only four steps. These are meeting a community advisor, determining the best course to pursue, gathering information for the potential schools which should be three to four and the best for my course, and finally filling the application form, and sending to the University.

The community college advisor has advised me, and I have determined the best course to pursue at Maryland University. I also reviewed the four years plan that is of major interest, and it fits me with the seasons they are offered. Some courses offered there in the first two years are not offered at my community college level. I have gathered information about the potential schools and have read the course description. Having met the prerequisites, Maryland has confirmed a successful completion of the course. If the date is before the class start date, then I will be cleared and free to continue pursuing my course. Schedule of Classes Information of different schools is given on the same page. I have analyzed different schools and decided which will be best for me regarding performance and fees.

One of the reasons why I am interested in the program is that the university offers a choice of 3 or 4 schools which should be the best to meet one’s goals. The different school performs differently depending on their orientation. It is, therefore, a key to do a good evaluation of schools and decide which is best to help me arrive at my goals. Three or four options are given to ensure one cannot miss a chance in one of them. After completing choosing the best school, the admission forms are provided which I filled and sent to the university. The entire work is done while still at their college level.

The other benefit of enrolling as a student in the Maryland transfer program is that one gets a 25%  scholarship for a course one University of Maryland course per term not exceeding nine total credits given at College Park or the at Shady Grove Universities. Some of the engineering programs have required freshman courses that are not currently offered at Montgomery College.  For instance: for one to be admitted for Bioengineering, it’s a requirement to have completed BIOE120 to be admitted to Bioengineering program at UMCP.  So a visional Bioengineering student is supposed to take BIOE120 at UMCP while they are still enrolled at the college and thereby be more eligible for direct admission to the Bioengineering program.


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