Case Study Assignment


Description of Individual

John is 21years old living in New York City. He was born in the year 1996. He is born in a family of four where he is the only son in the family. John’s parents are stitching rich. John’s father is a surgeon at John Hopkins hospital, and her mum is a Sociology Lecturer at the University of California. Being born in a family of four and being the only son in the family he describes the experience to be excellent because his sisters assist everything he does. He describes living a nice lifestyle. John is the fourth born in his family, and her two elder sisters are medical doctors. John is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Computer science at the University of New York. John has always aspired to be a medical doctor, but he was forced to pursue computer science course by his parents. He believes he cannot do it as it was not a course his choice and he lives a life of denial. John is in his third year of study, and he has been abusing hard drugs since his first year and he believes that this is the only way to that can solve his stress. John is very proud as he comes from a wealthy background he does not recognize other students who are not as wealthy as he is. He also has a girlfriend by the name Irene, and they have been dating for almost two years now.

Method of interview

I met with John after coming up with a list of questions that I asked him in a hotel. The meeting was not very long it took us approximately 3 hours. In the appendix, there are questions that I asked John about his school and developmental tasks. My observations to him were based on our friendship with him as a close friend.

The developmental tasks I chose to address are: adjusting to the physiological and spiritual changes of early childhood, adjusting to different stages of growth, establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with friends and parents, accepting the choices we make in life.

I chose the first developmental task adjusting to the physiological and spiritual changes of the early hood because I wanted to see how he was brought up and how this was affecting his life currently.

I preferred to ask John the second development task because he once told me that he had complications with his physical growth when he was young and I wanted to know how he coped with that challenge.

I chose to ask him the third developmental task because I wanted to know his social life from childhood. I preferred asking him the fourth mission because I wanted to know why his studies life on campus was so different and I wanted to know the reason why.

Most of the observations that I have made from him is because we have been studying together since our first year on campus.

The first task that I needed to ask John was adjusting and to the physiological and spiritual changes of early childhood. It is quite challenging to bring up a child in a church, but John adjusted accordingly when he was introduced to church.

John in his early stages of life was brought up in a Christian family where his parents raised him well in the Christian religion. He used to participate in the church activities, and this made him an active member of the church. In comparison with the other children of his age, he was much far ahead compared to them. This was as a result of his parent’s good nature when he was young. In his early life, John was able to develop spiritually as he was appropriately natured by his parents. John was not very strong, and his parents used to wonder what was wrong with their sons’ health because he would not lift heavy loads as his bones were not very strong. He was not taken to almost every hospital for checkups, but no improvement was observed. One teacher from John’s junior school once called his mother, and she explained to her what she would do to improve her sons’ health. She was advised that John was to lift small weights, play so much in the field and eat a balanced meal. After six months, John’s health was back to normal.

Task 2 Adjusting to different stages of growth

I developed an interest in knowing about his old lifestyle. John’s first life was full of extraordinary things. It happened that there was a meeting that was to be attended by the president of his country. John’s parents had decided to leave him behind, but he cried until her mother decided to go with him it was back then, and he was too young, on arrival to the meeting, the crowd had already gathered to listen to the speech of his Excellency. The young children who were there were asked to entertain the president. John without hesitating stood before the crowd since the others had no courage enough to stand in front of a large crowd. He recited a poem that their Sunday school teacher taught them. After quoting he was awarded a laptop. This motivated him so much. I was eager to know where John used to school in his early life.                                                                                                                                                                              However, I decided to tell about the first day in the school experience. He was taken to the excellent academy to start his early childhood education. He felt lonely after his parents left him. He could not imagine how he could cope with that situation. He managed to have a friend by the name Jil. John and Jil used to sit together; they used to play together after studies. They shared much of their experience during break time. After around two weeks John was appointed as a class perfect. He worked smoothly and by the systems and rules of the school.                                                                                                                                               John was severe and strict in his work

Task 3 Establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with parents and friends

As we discussed earlier, we have seen that John improved his health. John had many friends by the time he was completing his junior school. They used to have fun, and he enjoyed their company, His social life improved and it made him closer to people and friends.



It was later in his 7th grade when his parents started introducing him to money, and they would give him money than he required, and this made him reluctant in his life by not putting much effort in his studies. His life changed negatively as there was nobody to counsel him. It was not until in his 11th grade when in high school a counselor came to their school, and he was there listening to the pieces of advice that the counselor was delivering to the students. It is by this time when John realized that he was not on the right track. He decided that he would change his lifestyle in school to a more severe life in his studies.

He continued to study hard, and when he sat for final exams in the 12th grade, he passed very well.

Task 4 accepting the choices we make in life

It was on campus when we first met with John, and our friendship was really good. John was never happy, and I had to know why he was never happy when it came to studies. After completion of high school, John passed very well, but the course he was pursuing was not the course of his choice he was stressed because he lived a life that was not his own. John had a girlfriend who was very caring, and she talked to him about accepting his course and living a flexible life and with time John’s life changed completely. His relationship helped him shape and change his life.

I was glad that I was able to learn so many things from my friend after the interview from the four developmental tasks.

Appendix 1

List of Interview Questions

How was your lifestyle when you were five years of age? Did you have any health problems back then? Please describe. What was the experience in the first day in school? Was it a great experience? How did he change your lifestyle back then? Elaborate. Was the life in school challenging in your early stage?  Elaborate. Did you ever join any co-curricular activities in your junior school? How did this change your lifestyle? Elaborate. Elaborate.  How was your social life in junior school If worse how did you manage to cope with the situation? Flesh out. How your spiritual life during your early age, were you a Christian or a Muslim? If none of the above, give details. Did you take part in leading in your place of worship? What made you change your studies life in high school? Was the advice helpful? Elaborate. What caused your campus life not enjoyable? Elaborate. What was the main reason that caused it? How did Irene help you adjust your life?


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