The Enrichment Center’s goal is to help students reach their full academic potential and to get the most out of school. Whether your child needs remedial help or needs an extra challenge to stay academically curious. The Enrichment Center has classes and private tutoring to bring out the best in your child. Our goal is to get your child to love to learn.

The Enrichment Center offers a complete range of subjects in all grades, as well as test prep for college admissions.

The Enrichment Center has been successful because it recognizes that each child’s needs are different—and we tailor our program to meet those needs. We offer small classes with a maximum of eight students, grouped by ability, and offer personal tutoring for one-on-one attention.

All teachers are state-certified and experienced, so you can be assured that they know, not only the subject, but what students’ learning abilities are at particular grade levels.

Meet Elaine
“Our goal is to provide an environment where learning is enjoyable, and students have the greatest chance to succeed.”

What is The Enrichment Center Difference?

“Make the Difference” — this has been our motto, since The Enrichment Center came into being. How do we make the difference?

  1. We only hire experienced state certified teachers.  We request at least 5 years of experience; most teachers have over 20 and Master’s Degrees.
  2. We only allow teachers to work in the areas of education in which they are certified.
  3. Our private sessions are just that: one-on-one… not one-on-six.
  4. Our group classes are unusually small – a maximum of eight students.
  5. Our philosophy is to put the child first before the financial reports.
  6. We only use quality educational materials.  We purchase “the real thing” whether it is for SAT’s or phonics.
  7. We believe that Education Must Be Fun!
  8. Our program is hands-on; each child participates.  Education is not a spectator sport.
  9. We create the program for the child, the child does not have to fit into my program.
  10. We have a complete program.  Students can start as young as 3 years old and stay with me through college.
  11. We  offer a very nurturing service.
  12. We are full-service.
  13. There is a tremendous amount of parental contact and inclusion.
  14. We care about each child.

Join our Team

We’re always looking for experienced, enthusiastic teachers to join our staff. We require that you are state certified, and have at least 5 years of teaching experience. If you are interested, please mail us your resume, and a copy of your certification.