american society alexander tecnique

american society alexander tecnique

These congresses bring together teachers from around the world to exchange work, knowledge and experiences of the Technique. Collections of published papers from these congresses are available from STAT .
AmSAT’s Annual Conference and General Meeting (ACGM) takes place over five days and is held in a different part of the country each year. Members conduct business, further their education with classes led by senior teachers and exchange work and ideas formally and informally.

American society alexander tecnique
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alexander technique

A number of teachers have trained more informally on an apprenticeship basis. Some professional societies have a waiver process allowing these teachers to become certified based on a peer-review process or, in certain cases, requiring attendance at an approved training course and approval by the Director. Some of these informally-trained teachers have elected not to be certified by a professional society. As well, not all teachers who are eligible for membership in a professional society have chosen to join.
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American society alexander tecnique
The Alexander Technique has been used for more than 100 years to improve performance, posture and other body mechanics, yet it’s arguably the least well known method for achieving these benefits.
Benefits include:

  • Better mobility and reduced stiffness.
  • Pain relief through better coordination of your head, neck and back.
  • Enhanced performance for athletes as well as performing artists, through better breathing and speed and accuracy of movement.

Alexander Technique teacher training continues and intensifies the unique learning experience that takes place in private lessons. The training is a fascinating process that is often one of remarkable growth and improvement for the teacher-trainee.
The Teacher-Training Course is approved for Veterans Educational Benefits by the Office of Veterans Education, Virginia Department of Education (Montgomery GI Bill).

Babette Markus has a specialty in working with people with repetitive strain injuries, including musicians, athletes, and computer users. She taught “Ergonomics and Alexander Technique” and “Alexander Technique for Fitness Instructors” at UCLA Extension for many years.
Malcolm is a well-known Level 4 running coach and still competes in his veteran category. (Age group Canadian half marathon champion in 2011 and 2012….never mind how old!) In 1991 he brought running and the Alexander Technique together when he developed the Art of Running workshops , which are enjoyed by runners all over the world. Based in Montreal Malcolm has been teaching the Art of Running since 1992. His latest project is a 4 day training course for Alexander teachers in the Art of Running. Malcolm Balk is the author of two books: Master the Art of Running and Master the Art of Working Out .