Meet Elaine Sigal

Welcome to The Enrichment Center

I’m pleased to welcome you to The Enrichment Center. I have been involved in education since 1971 when I graduated with a B.A. in English, Speech and Theater, and Education from The College of New Jersey. My studies continued with an M.A. from Villanova University in English and Teaching of English.

My years of teaching experience, coupled with my role as a mother of three boys, presently 18, 20, and 24 years old, have instilled in me an ability to understand the needs of students in an educational environment.

My varied business background complements my educational background and has allowed me to create The Enrichment Center and build it into a successful supplemental educational business.

My career in education spans over 30 years

I started my teaching career with The Beth Jacob Schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1971, teaching English and Social Studies to students in grades 5-8. I then went to The Lower Merion School District, Ardmore Junior High School, in 1972 where I taught Junior High School English and ran the Theater Arts Department until 1978. I also worked with homebound students on the weekends. In 1980 I worked for the Haverford Adult School, Haverford, Pennsylvania, creating and teaching their public speaking courses for adults and business owners.

In 1981 after a move to Toronto, Canada, where my husband, Nolan became a staff physician at The Hospital for Sick Children and a Professor at The University of Toronto’s School of Medicine, I created an English as a Second Language program for the Associated Hebrew Day Schools. I also created programs for and taught Public Speaking and Creative Writing classes at the Koffler Centre of the Arts in Toronto.

In 1983 we moved to Westfield, New Jersey where I began a college teaching career at Somerset County College, Raritan, New Jersey. I taught at Kean University as well, in the English Department. From 1984-1988 I taught SAT courses with Learning Tree Associates, Rockaway, New Jersey. During the summers from 1984-1990 I also taught drama and produced plays for the New Jersey Workshop for the Arts, Westfield, New Jersey. In 1988 I began teaching at Solomon Schechter Day School in Cranford, New Jersey. Teaching high school English, I became well-known in the educational community as a fair, demanding, insightful, and helpful teacher. I was recruited by New Providence School District, New Providence New Jersey, and taught English and headed the drama department there for two years. I left New Providence to return to Solomon Schechter where I taught all of the Advanced Placement and Honors English classes to Juniors and Seniors. My students all received top marks on their AP exams for College Board.

25 years ago, I discovered my enthusiasm for business as well

My business experience began in 1978 when I joined Tupperware Sales as a sales representative. My enthusiasm for sales was evidenced in my becoming a Unit Manager of 31 other representatives in a short period of time. In 1981 I left Tupperware to start my own Effective Personal Communications business of which I was President for three years. Upon moving back to the United States in 1983, I became a Field Consultant for Na’Amat USA, headquartered in New York City. My responsibilities involved starting new chapters, providing in-house leadership training, as well as program directives.

Community involvement plays an important part in my life

Throughout my teaching career, I also delved into other related areas. I coached debate teams, was the faculty advisor to Junior Classes, directed numerous plays, coached cheerleading squads, volleyball, bowling, and badminton teams, joined numerous community organizations, ran Women’s Education Series for Jewish Community Centers, and was a Den Leader for Cub Scouts of America for six years. I also rose through the ranks in PTO’s becoming Newsletter Chairperson, Variety Show Director, Room Mother Coordinator and Book Sale Coordinator. At our synagogue, Congregation Beth Israel, I was Vice President of Sisterhood, Director of Religious School Board of Directors, Chairperson of the Youth Commission and ultimately, President of the entire congregation for two years.

In 1996, my dream of The Enrichment Center became a reality

In 1996 I left teaching and other business ventures to open my own company, A Class of Your Own, LLC, which became The Enrichment Center. I have created the educational philosophy of The Enrichment Center, which was derived from over 25 year’s experience as an educator, mother and business person. I believe that the success of The Enrichment Center is a testimony to my accurate assessment of the needs of students in today’s society.

My responsibilities in The Enrichment Center are full-ranged. I create the curriculums, hire teachers and staff, set policy, write all advertising, develop marketing strategy, work with IT personnel to develop web and brochure materials, plan strategy for expansion, and cater to parents and students whenever possible. I am a hands-on administrator who believes that for every child there needs to be a unique educational program. No two children are alike in my experience; no two educational programs should be the same. I moved to Los Altos, California in 2000 and have been tutoring privately as well. I volunteer at local high schools teaching SAT and SAT II classes.

My belief in students and in education has led me to create The Enrichment Center. My belief in The Enrichment Center has led me to the belief that we should expand into other sites.