Strengths and the Weaknesses of Social Media

The inception of social media has brought great changes on the way human interact. The greatest effect has been on the aspect of communication and interaction where most of the changes have been realized. Social media has had great impacts on the world and it is the reason why most business are in existence. One of the greatest impacts is the connection of the entire world changing it into a global village. Social media has connected people from different parts of the world by allowing them to contact each other through the different means of communication such as video chats, short messaging services, and online calls among others.

Effects of Social Media on the World

This has created a conducive environment for other aspects of human life to develop one of the most prominent being the business aspect of life. The social media has greatly impacted the growth of business especially by creating the avenues for mass advertising (Xenos, Vromen, and Loader 162). Considering the population and number of people subscribed to the different social media platforms, the platform for advertising is really immense. In addition to creating a favorable condition for business growth, social media has also been playing great role in disseminating information. Several media houses, companies, public figure and other bug entities are currently using the social media as a tool of passing information.

Through social media platforms, the world has become very informed on the current affairs, political or business. In the political realm, the social media has played a major role in keeping the leaders in check and highlighting their misgivings to the public. This platform as also played a great role during campaigns as leaders have been using the social media to woo voters to support them. Currently, almost every aspect of human life is run though the social media. The world has basically turned it one major social meeting place where different individuals are out exchanging information. In effect, the world has turned into a huge village where people are almost in one location although the distance between them geographically is so huge (Freeman 106). Although most of the impacts of social media on the world are positive, there are negative effects that has cropped up. Nonetheless, the future is bright and there great expectations ahead.

What the Social Media will Do in Future

Predicting the future in the development of social media applications can be very difficult because it depends on the IT brains all over the world. Who would have thought that one day we would have online banks where we can store our money and make purchases without physical movements (Loader, Vromen, and Xenos 147). Twenty years ago, nobody would have thought that we could have almost all commodities sold online. Today, the car trade has gone online. However, the only challenging issue in the field of technology is the human intelligence. However, in the near future I predict a situation where our electronic gadgets will have the independence and self sufficiency as humans.

The social network data can be used to anticipate human behaviors and their reactions to different situation. If the IT gurus can capture the human brain through the data collected on social media, creating an artificial electronic human will not be so far from happening (Xenos, Vromen, and Loader 165). Recently a research on human reaction was done by Facebook secretly and this was a big infringement of the privacy. In future I believe the social networks will provide useful information to anticipate the movement or psychology of terrorists and law offenders. It will also be a major source of private information for either good or bad reasons.

Will there be More or Fewer Apps

Today we have to download several applications because all apps are offering different services. This is due to the cutthroat rivalry between companies that want to control a specific market niche. I want to compare the situation we are in today with the situation I parents were in decades ago. In the late 80s and early 90s, landline telephones and mail services were the main modes of communication (Asur and Huberman 67). Wrist watches and calendars were commodities that would amount to great sales at that time. Today, we have one single gadget that performs all these functions.

The mobile phone is not only small and easy to carry compared to the landline telephones, but it also plays more roles. Through the mobile phone we send messages, e-mails, make phone calls and also we have watches and calendar installed inside. Going by this trend, I believe and hopefully anticipate for an application that will make all these downloads unnecessary. Our needs in the social media include sending videos, video conferencing, sending picture, and chatting with friends. However, I believe as life moves on, other needs might arise in the process. However, I believe one brainy IT guru might very soon discover a way to consolidate all our needs in one application and make thing easier I social media.

Is there a Saturation Point in Advertising?

In every development technology or otherwise, there is always the saturation point. Like today, some social media platforms are almost losing their market and viability. Other applications that are more entertaining are coming up and the existing ones are fighting for relevance in the market. Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp in a move to stay in the market since the latter is rapidly growing globally. Another issue that will greatly affect the existing social networks is the point where the young people using these platforms will reach their saturation points (Cacciatore, Scheufele, and Iyengar 67). There are things that entertain the young generations today but later in life hey will not be interested. Unfortunately, the generation that will coming after our generation will consider the existing technology to be analogue. By then new inventions will have come up and ideas developed.

Anticipating how things will look like by that time can be difficult. However, it evident life will have taken a very different turn from what we are experiencing today. In advertising one has to keep reinventing him/herself in order to keep up with the global speed of change. A new day in the technological world can easily changes the way we did things yesterday. Therefore, in advertising there is always that point whereby even the consumers will feel enough is enough. In this case, new inventions have the advantage to come into the market as people look for alternatives.

Transparency and Privacy Issues

One of the biggest challenges in the use of social network is its ability to expose our privacy. Privacy issues are matters of global concerns and recent events have proved this read about this in the privacy vs security essay. People post lot of information on their facebook pages in the name of securing their accounts. Such information can easily be hacked and used to cause harm to users. These are events that have taken place recently and the situation is ire if it continues. Facebook and tweeter have been used as perfect platforms to launch cyber bullying activities (Kaplan and Haenlein 10). Transparency is oaky especially considering the world we live in. for security reasons I believe transparency can be a good thing for us all.

However, there is a thin line between the extent where transparency ends and intrusion of privacy begins. The information given in social media can have both harmful and productive effects on the users. In a situation where a user is propagating criminal activities, facebook can be used to track such activities and flash the culprits from their hide outs. On the other hand, criminals can also use facebook and other social networking platforms to track a target and hence successfully committing a crime (Cacciatore, Scheufele, and Iyengar 67). So in future our privacy seems to be doomed and I can predict a future where every person’s activities will be under surveillance all day long.

The Expected Timeline for this Issue to Arise

The issue of privacy and transparency is not too far from arising. Already there are cases of phone tapping between the Americans and the Germans. This is a clear indication that the issue is almost happening. However, I think this might take a little longer before it becomes an apparent issue in the society.  So far the kind of infringement is petty and that is why the approar is not as loud as it is supposed to be. Naturally, humans will always wait until the effects of an action takes place in order for them to react.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If we do not stop the issues of privacy infringement now, it will be much more difficult to stop it ten years from now.  We have the chance to make a difference and prevent a possible infringement of human rights on a global scale. Ten years from now, things will have changed greatly and technology will have evolved to better or worse aspects.


Dominance in the Online Market

In the online market, it is impossible to maintain dominance in the sale of online product especially applications for social interactions. Big companies are competing for dominance in various markets. However, this can be a major challenge with the new upcoming IT professionals and innovative young stars(Cacciatore, Scheufele, and Iyengar 70). Young computer engineers are very good at reversed engineering which enables them to learn and decode the programming methods used in the creation of an app. Later, they create their own application and they make it better than the original one. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to have a single company dominating this market. The plan by big multinationals to monopolize the market cannot work in the online platform.

Handling the Changes

A change is as good as a rest as the saying goes. Therefore, in handling future changes one has to be open-minded and accept that changes are inevitable in this generation. There is no better way of handling changes that to embrace it and familiarizing yourself with it as early as possible. Dealing with changes is not very easy because it disorients our minds from the status quo but we need to embrace the new way of life.