I am writing this letter to compliment your school. My son, Matthew took a group class with your school and brought his SAT score up 160 points. We were satisfied with his score but we signed up for 4 private lessons before the next SAT test to bring his score up higher. When I first signed up for lessons, I was unsure whether to take private or classroom lessons. I was very surprised that you called me personally and we discussed what to do.My son liked your school very much. It gave him confidence and I didn’t hear any complaints. My sister recommended your school to me and her boys also scored high due to your center.  I would like to thank you for running such a fine school and I would recommend it to anyone that needs help with their SAT.
— Lynne Traum

We woke the entire neighborhood with our early-morning shouting when the SAT scores arrived via e-mail today: I can’t begin to tell you how pleased and proud we were to receive Alison’s scores: 740 Math, and a perfect 800 Verbal. Without a doubt, your caring, personalized attention and focused guidance enabled her to achieve these exceptional results. Thank you, Elaine, for fulfilling your claim that The Enrichment Center staff and programs “Make the Difference.”  Indeed, they do!

— Lisa Stambaugh
Melissa enjoyed coming to classes for extra help.  She actually looked forward to it.  She was very pleased with her teacher. 
— Lorraine Selecky
The Enrichment Center staff is highly qualified, and presents materials in an intelligent, easy-to-learn format.  From enrichment classes to SAT preparation courses to individual tutoring, our daughters have appreciated the individual attention and caring approach of their teachers.  They have become much more “at ease” in all types of test taking situations.
— Jill Sharpe
I have been very pleased with my son’s growth while taking classes at The Enrichment Center.  David went up 200 points on his SAT exam.  Thank you to The Enrichment Center for making a difference in David’s life.  I am proud to say that he is in college at Monmouth University because of all of the teachers’ efforts.
— Mindy Schwartz
Josh enjoyed the relaxed and positive atmosphere.  He went on to score very well in the PSAT, SAT I and SAT II’s – well into the 700’s.  In fact, he was named one of only four National Merit Scholars in his Westfield High School class.
— Frederick Hoey
Our daughters participated in both the group and the individualized instruction sessions at The Enrichment Center.  Their SAT score jumps are testimony to their hard work and the knowledge they received from their tutoring sessions.  Colleges:  Boston University  and New York University
— Lynn and Dave Baer
We were very satisfied with the teachers, materials, and convenience provided.
— Lori Vantosky
The staff was terrific.  We had some real conflicts getting started due to our sports games & they worked on it. My daughter felt the classes were valuable.  She went into testing more relaxed.
—  Diane Heath
You’ve done a great job of matching my child with tutors.
— Louise Russell
There’s no comparison with the benefit of one-to-one tutoring.
— Joanne Ryan
Eureka!  Another success story:   October scores:  1440.
— Tina Mustachio
The Enrichment Center has helped me understand things in two weeks’ time I never thought I’d understand at all.  Coming here was one of the best decisions I ever made.
— Mosby Family